Important Covenants

It is the sole responsibility of each resident to read, understand, and comply fully with the requirements set forth in the Liberty on the Lake covenants, restrictions, and architectural guidelines. If you have a rental property, you are responsible for informing those renters of these rules and guidelines as well. Failure to comply could result in further legal action.

A few top covenants to be aware of:
  1. Any proposed changes to the exterior of your home or property including fencing, decks, pergolas, outbuildings, must be submitted to the architectural committee.
  2. Boats, campers, RV's, Trailers, etc MUST be stored in an enclosed garage and not be parked on streets. Overnight and temporary to prepare for a trip can be understood, but not as a place of storage.  
  3. Trash bins and recycling must be stored or out of front of home site/visible except on trash days. Exceptions could be due to the delay of a day or two with holidays.  
  4. Yard lights must be functional and bulbs replaced in a timely manner.  
  5. Front yards are to be sodded. Side and back yards are allowed to be seeded.
  6. Grass clippings and other yard waste must be put in approved yard waste containers/bags.     
  7. No vehicle can be stored on blocks. No vehicle can be parked without proper licensing. Please refer to Village of Savoy restrictions.
  8. Homeowners are required to plant two trees in their front yard, one of which must be planted in the Right-of-Way (ROW). The Right-of-Way is also known as the easement in between the sidewalk and the road. This should be done with one year of move-in. Residents who live in Savoy are further governed by the Village of Savoy regarding the tree species that should be planted in the ROW. If you’d like to receive $100 reimbursement towards the purchase of your ROW tree, you must follow the process described on their website

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