FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Goose Management item in the budget?
The HOA has contracted the United States Department of Agriculture to help manage the goose population in our neighborhood. When nesting, geese can become aggressive and knock over a child or cause an adult to trip. Additionally, geese are more likely to get killed by cars when caring for their goslings. The USDA will help to ensure our local population does not continue to multiply.

Why does the water feature at the Curtis Road entrance frequently looks like mud puddles surrounded by brown stones?
These are not designed to hold water year round. There is an electric pump that sources water from the lake behind Carle clinic. This means it has a limited season each year that it can be used when the pipes are guaranteed to not freeze.

Who owns the lakes and has to maintain them?
We do. We own all of the lakes in the subdivision and we are responsible to maintain the water quality, perimeter of lakes’ green-space, insect control, and more. The Village of Savoy and city of Champaign each have an easement encircling the lakes, but we are responsible to maintain those common areas just like the easement in front of our yards.

Do Carle and the retirement center have to contribute?
Yes, they have responsibilities to proportionately contribute as well.

Do the townhouses, zero-lot lines, and condos have to contribute?
Yes, all residents have responsibilities to contribute to maintenance of the common areas.

Why is there an electric bill payable to Ameren?
There are electric meters to run the water irrigation for the landscaped entrances to the neighborhood and for the round-a-bout.

What is the status of the Savoy park?
Land was allocated in the original plat map to include a 5-acre park on the south side of the large lake. The developer leveled and seeded the area with grass. The park belongs to our neighborhood and our HOA dues will cover the cost of mowing and maintaining the property for our use. Although the Village of Savoy has not yet indicated a desire to take ownership and responsibility for the park, it is their right as outlined in the developer’s original agreement with the Village in creating Liberty on the Lake.

Why do we need an insurance policy?
Since we own the lakes, the Savoy Park, and common areas including the roundabout park and the water feature on Curtis Rd, someone could file a lawsuit against the neighborhood. A person could claim that we neglected to warn them and/or protect them from harm by having barriers, etc. The insurance policy is to protect each of us financially.

Why should I keep my cat and/or dog contained to my yard or on a leash?
If you respect your neighbors and love your pets, then you need to keep your pets on your own property. Please understand that coyotes live in weedy areas surrounding our neighborhood. Coyotes like to catch/kill/eat cats and small dogs. By allowing your pets to run at large, you are encouraging the coyotes to hunt and kill in our neighborhood. Additionally, review the pet ordinances for Champaign and Savoy for further information.